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Ebook Business Boost - Quick guide
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I am going to tell you how you can fine-tune your existing ebook business and make at least 500% more of what you are making now.

As one famous internet marketer once mentioned, (and I am going to put that in my own words), you don't catch a lot of fish by sitting by the edge of the lake with a fishing pole waiting for the fish to bite.You can catch more fish (and much faster) by going were most of the fish are and using a net. How does that fit with into the internet marketer's perspective?
Well I am going to tell you how. By sitting there selling one product now and then, (metaphorically, by casting a line "fishing" customers one at a time) you are not making much of progress towards financial independence nor you are doing it as fast as you wish. Imagine if you had a virtual net where customers get caught in by themselves! People tend to get a feeling of disbelief when they hear about this. But once you get to understand how such system works, you can indeed realize yourself that it is a very powerful system that can bring large sums of money in your pocket, working even less than you used to in the past. It is actually very easy to form an army of people bringing customers to you, and the reason for that is simply because by doing so they make money themselves.
You have probably heard about affiliate programs before but maybe you haven't realized how they could relate with your business. By reading this article, I will assume that you are in the business of trading ebooks or other similar material. Pay attention to the following paragraphs where I am going to reveal to you a variety of ways you can incorporate the power of affiliate programs to your existing ebook business and creating multiple streams of income that can last for years to come. There are many articles on the net explaining the mechanics of affiliate programs. I am not going to repeat what they say. What I am going to do is to customize the concept in a one step-by-step "quick guide" to fit an ebook-resale business, so you can immediately put what you learn into action.

1. Upselling.
You have sold an ebook today. You received a payment of $10-$15 and you are probably very happy you have made a sale. Congratulations! Approximately 30% of people that buy something are more likely to buy something else while they are "in heat". Did you remember to immediately tell your customer about the other product you have for sale that (s)he may be interested in? You realized you didn't have another product to relate to the original item you sold. Actually there are so many products out there you can re-sell as being your own, you will be amazed. There are people that need their products sold, they offer 60% - 80% commission to whoever refer a customer that purchases something. Activity: Search for programs that relate to the items you currently sell and join their affiliate programs. (Choose the ones that offer higher commission rates). Then when you send the download link to your ebook, include your affiliate link to the other item. If your customer buys that item you will get commission. The commission is usually more than the price you originally sold your own item.

2. Educate them
Once you have done step 1, you have generated an additional stream of income in affiliate commissions from your usual customers . But you know business does not stop there. How would you feel if your customers became your partners, bringing you more customers? So you sold them an item through your affiliate link. A lot of affiliate programs are two-tier programs (or sometimes go deeper than that). That means if your customer, refers someone to buy the item (s)he just bought, YOU will still get commission. In multi-tier programs, if your customer's customer refers someone else, you still make money and so on. What is the main point here: Once you get your customers to buy an item from your affiliate links, educate them. Explain to them how the system works, how they can make money themselves re-selling that product. Once you get some people doing that, you will see money coming in from every direction. Activity: Compose an article that will educate your customers about the power of affiliate programs and send it to every person that buys from your affiliate link.

3. Follow-up
Don't forget to get back to your customers soon after their initial purchase to tell them about other great products you have that they may be interesting to them. A psychological phenomenon takes place when someone pays to buy something. The customer gets a sense of gratification and trust towards the seller which is very strong during the days following the purchase (assuming the customer is satisfied with the item). It is very crucial to follow up with your customers during those days to maintain that feeling and also sell them something different. They are more likely to buy from you than someone else because they are satisfied with your services (They are also in the mood for more). That will also show them that there is actually someone behind that computer screen who cares for their satisfaction. Activity: Join an autoresponder for free. Prepare 7 follow up letters (one for every day for one week) and upload them to the autoresponder. Have your customers join your autoresponder. This will automatically have your customers receive one letter every day for one week. Don't forget to educate them! Don't just try to sell them something. Give them some useful information and at the same time offer them something to buy. Remember NOT to spam.

4. Residual Income
Selling a product as opposed to selling a service will generate a one time payment that you will receive and it will be over. A service or otherwise a subscription, can create what I like to call "residual income". Once you get one of your customers to join an affiliate service you will be receiving a payment every month as long as your customers stay under the subscription. You can even make residual profit from your customers' customers. Activity. In addition to the affiliate programs mentioned above, search and find affiliate services to offer along with your products. Such services could be, memberships, hosting plans, etc.

5. Your own website and customer list
Creating a highly responsive customer list is vital in today's internet standards. Every customer that you ever sell to is a potential member of your list. You own this list and you can broadcast to it any future products you may have for sale. You are legally allowed to do that because your customers will willingly join your list. The best way to create "prospects" (opt-in list members) is to setup a quick website were you can send your customers (and also different types of traffic) and have a form that allows your website visitors to join your mailing list. You may offer them something for free such as an ebook or whatever you like, just for joining). This list will become your new customers when you have something to market to them. It is very easy to do so. When you join your free autoresponder you will be provided with the tools to build a form and start harvesting prospects. Activity. Build a quick website where you can direct traffic and incorporate the opt-in form you get from your autoresponder provider. Then send everyone you encounter to this website and start building your list. (If you don't know how to build a website see the resources at the end of the article)

6. Take action
Did you know that 90% of the greatest ideas fail before they are put into action? Or even better, I am sure you have heard old people mumbling that if they knew what they know now when they were younger they could have been millionaires by now. The point is that you don' t need to know everything in order to do something that you want. You just need to acquire the basic knowledge to start and you learn and adjust along your way. Nobody knows everything and if you wait to learn everything you think you need to reach your goals, you probably find yourself repeating the above statement yourself, when is too late. Successful people see the opportunity and take action immediately. If you wait until tomorrow, you probably won't do anything about it and continue doing what you have been doing until now. And guess what! You will be making exactly what you are making now. Nothing will change because the procedure will still be the same. If you don't change the variables in the formula you will keep getting the same results. Many people want to get rich or to even make an extra $1000 a month but they keep their old job, go home and do the same things every day and as the years pass they are wondering what went wrong and they still are were they started. Activity: Read over this article. Get familiar with the steps I mentioned and FOLLOW them. I will tell you a secret. If you don't do anything of what I mentioned, you are not going to lose anything; you also not going to win anything (as I said you have to change the variables in the formula to produce different results).

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